my sister tasha and I are completely honored to have been selected 
by elisa goodkind [who i met at the sartorialist book signing] to 
be featured on her amazing site style like u, which takes you into 
the homes of stylish people. through video and a series of photo's 
she's captured the style of us both. check out the full story here...

i'm excited to be able to share more of myself with you guys. thanks
for the continued blog support! and let me know what you think of the

jacket: army navy; sweater: hand knit; tights: looks from london
shoes: prada. [tasha]dress: betsey johnson; leggings: american apparel;
boots; doc martens.


  1. You guys are lovely. Very original... there's a lot of personality in what you guys wear.

    By the way, I went out and got Morange lipstick after seeing it on you, lol.

  2. Yes it is!
    My BF hates it though. But I love bright pops of color. It took a little work but I got it to look pretty good on my NW50 skin...

  3. you have a really fun and nice style !
    i really like it ^^..

    xx isabella

  4. love your blog!!

    everyone please check out and follow my fashion blog:

    I promise you will enjoy ;o)

  5. It seems like stylelikeu's site is down, but the video showed up on your blog post. Great style! I love your sister's pink hair, and that white and red silk blouse is gorgeous.

    Great to see original style.

  6. Congrats. Can't wait to see your fashion line!

  7. ohhhhh I miss you guys!!!! I will be back in NY soon, hopefully in time for BBQ's :) :)

  8. oh wow, exciting, congrats... going to go check out full story now...