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Pillow Talk


as of late i've been working on a few projects.  
needle+thræd, a fashion line that i created rooted in 
social responsibility, partners with artisans to create 
modern pieces using traditional fabrics and craftsmanship. 
my throw pillows, which are the first items 
in my line was recently covered by a new cool blog called Gentlem3ns Club
check out for the rest of the post here...

faith + fashion

lately i've seen head wraps [for fashion purposes] 
worn everywhere. prints and patterns, wrapped 
elaborately, but to me she was an original. 
from a distance i spotted the hot pink fabric 
twisted above the crown of her head and down 
around her neck, and when i got closer she was 
even more stunning- a natural beauty. 
it was a simple reminder that sometimes 
less is more.

CB2/paper mag store bash

if you don't know CB2, please get to know them. it's 
crate and barrel's little sister for city dwellers 
(ie: apts, lofts, brownstones etc). along with paper 
magazine they celebrated its second store opening in nyc 
[58th & 3rd ave] with random guest appearances from DMC 
(from Run DMC of course)to maggie gyllenhaal. 

the best part- they partnered with new design high school 
and gave students an opportunity to work with street style photographers backyard bill, eddie newton and street peeper 
[who are all great by the way].

halloween: cheap thrills

i was a new york city rat last halloween.
(mask + brown poncho + accidental red chipped nails).
it was cheap and cheerful. when i came across these masks on j.crew's blog
it completely reminded me of this. just download, color them, et voila!
you've got a costume.

what are you going to be this halloween?