faith + fashion

lately i've seen head wraps [for fashion purposes] 
worn everywhere. prints and patterns, wrapped 
elaborately, but to me she was an original. 
from a distance i spotted the hot pink fabric 
twisted above the crown of her head and down 
around her neck, and when i got closer she was 
even more stunning- a natural beauty. 
it was a simple reminder that sometimes 
less is more.


  1. I love it. I saw a Muslim stylist on the telly a while back and her headscarf was beautiful. It had the prettiest print on it and was pinned with a vintage brooch. It was the standout piece from her look.
    Strut Mode

  2. LOVE IT! I like to find new ways to wrap my head, especially when im going to Liberian events. I would sometimes pair prints. Say for example, mix a pokkadot print with a african print with similar or complementary colors!

  3. Yes she has a very cute and simple look..... Whats the best way to contact you?