Pillow Talk


as of late i've been working on a few projects.  
needle+thræd, a fashion line that i created rooted in 
social responsibility, partners with artisans to create 
modern pieces using traditional fabrics and craftsmanship. 
my throw pillows, which are the first items 
in my line was recently covered by a new cool blog called Gentlem3ns Club
check out for the rest of the post here...


  1. Love the patterns of the material..your hair is fab!! Off to check out the Gentleman's Club!!

  2. So nice to hear of projects like this. The very best of luck with it, darling. Love your blog, discovered it recently and what a gem it is.
    Sarah @ acid wallpaper X

  3. Love, Love , Love the pillows! Great usage of the African Print. Where and when will the pillows be sold?

  4. Cute pictures sounds like a cool project, good luck x


  5. i adore all of the pillows! well done. also, i'm your newest follower and i'm loving everything about this blog.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  6. This project sounds amazing! I work in textiles and love the prints here x